FAQ for Autostopping

What are the usecases for autostopping?

Autostopping is useful for managing all non-prod environments like, QA, staging, dev servers etc. Non-prod environments are idle for more than 70% of the time in a calendar month. With autostopping, these servers will be shutdown when not in use and started automatically when lightwing detect traffic.

Is there a change in the development workflow?


Configuring autostopping is a seamless experience. With custom domain configuration, your development team won’t even realize the existence of lightwing.

How much cloud cost will be reduced?

With this optimization, lightwing can typically cut non production resource cost by 70-80%.

Can I run a POC with you and see the savings before onboarding all servers?

Absolutely yes. We have 14 day free trial and we will also assist in setting up the if you need help. Please contact us at care [at] lightwing.io.

How can autostopping work with private resources?

Lightwing autostopping gateway can be installed on to the cloud infrastructure that you use. For more details refer to How to install autostopping gateway