Installing Autostopping Gateway

How to install autostopping gateway agent

You can install lightwing autostopping gateway as an agent in to your cloud infrastructure. This allows lightwing to manage instances which are not publicly accessible. This also allows you to use any application ports.

Installing on AWS

Lighting provides autostopping gateway AMIs.

  1. Click on launch a new EC2 instance in the AWS console
  2. Search for Lightwing autostopping
  3. Choose the AMI to create a EC2 instance
  4. Configure security groups to allow required traffic
  5. Assign an elastic IP to the instance

Configuring Ports

You need to open up all the ports required for your application. This is a one time setup and have to be done for all gateway installations.

  1. Navigate to http://yourip:11194 to open up gateway configuration page
  2. Open up HTTP and HTTP ports required for your application
  3. Save the configuration

Now lightwing will listen on all the ports which are configured.

DNS mapping for custom domain

You can map lightwing autostopping gateway to the new instance that you have created.

  1. Open DNS provider for your site: (Godaddy, Route53 etc)
  2. Add A record: -> instance ip address

Read more about setting up custom domain