What are the cloud providers supported by lightwing?

  1. AWS
  2. Digital ocean
  3. GCP (Work in progress)
  4. Azure (Work in progress)

What are the requirements to set up lightwing?

Lightwing needs minimal permission to work with the cloud provider. You will need to create a user for lightwing in your cloud account. That is all required to get started with lightwing.

What kind of cloud resources lightwing can manage?

Currently lightwing manages EC2 instances, RDS instances, scaling groups etc. Lightwing can also connect to managed services like ECS, Kubernetes cluster etc, machine learning services like Sagemaker, etc.

How long will it take to setup lightwing?

Typically, setting up lightwing takes about 10 minutes. You can signup for a free trial today to try it out.

Can lightwing work with my favorite cloud provider?

If lightwing is not integrated with your choice of cloud provider, please write to care [at] so that we can help you to get started.