Using ComputeGroup with AWS Elastic Kubernetes cluster (EKS)

Using ComputeGroup with AWS Elastic Kubernetes cluster (EKS)

AWS EKS is the managed Kubernetes service provided by AWS. You can use Lightwing’s ComputeGroup to power the Kubernetes worker nodes to get 70% or more savings for your EKS node groups.

This document assumes you have a running EKS cluster on AWS.

Details required to connect Computegroup to EKS

Head over to the aws console and get the following details from any of the instance in your your EKS node group.

  1. Node IAM Role ARN : This will be used by ComputeGroup instances to connect to the EKS cluster

  2. Security groups : This will be used to communicate between the nodegroup instances Nodegroup Details

  3. Nodegroup Tags : EKS relies on specific tags for the operations. It is better to copy all the Kubernetes specific tags

Nodegroup Instance Tags

  1. Userdata : Userdata will install the necessary tools in the provisioned instance and register itself to the EKS cluster Nodegroup Userdata

Create the EKS Nodegroup backed by ComputeGroup

Once you have the above details, head over to lightwing console to create the ComputeGroup

  1. Enter the basic details for your ComputeGroup in the General tab

  2. Select the instance types and the desired capacity from the Configuration tab

  3. Use the tags and user data from your nodegroup on the corresponding fields in the Tags and Metadata tab Computegroup Userdata

  4. In the Security tab use the Instance Role ARN, Security groups and the keypair if you have any

Computegroup Userdata

  1. Save the ComputeGroup

Now a new nodegroup will be created under your EKS backed by Lightwing’s ComputeGroup

Test the Nodegroup

Run $ kubectl get nodes to verify the new nodes are joining your kubernetes cluster.