Setting up Lightwing CLI


Lightwing CLI provides a command line interface to Lightwing. This also allows to proxy TCP traffic in to the resources managed by lightwing.

Downloading lightwing CLI


  1. Download:
  2. Extract the zip file and execute lwc.exe
  3. You can place lwc.exe in to the PATH so that it can be invoked easily from the command prompt


> wget
> unzip
> sudo cp lwc /usr/local/bin


> wget
> unzip
> sudo cp lwc /usr/local/bin


To verify the installation is successful, run:

> lwc version
Version: 1.0.0
Commit : 5f8a6a30f014ddcd730474be9d82fd0901706193
Built  : Fri Jan  3 13:06:05 IST 2020

Lightwing CLI needs to be connected to your lightwing account. To do that:

> lwc init
Enter Lightwing URL (
Lightwing CLI initialized

> lwc login
Enter Username:
Enter Password:
Login successful