Getting Started With Autostopping

Getting started with autostopping

Autostopping enables consumption based workload management.

Cloud resources are made available when there is a request for it and lightwing will optimize resources by terminating/shutting down when resources are idle. This is a very effective cloud cost optimization straregy which can be used for resources which are less frequently accessed.

Autostopping is suitable for handling non-production environments like, Dev, QA, staging and demo servers.

Autostopping can work with variety of services like, AmazonEC2, ECS cluster, Autoscaling group, Kubernetes cluster etc. Autostopping can also make use of Spot instances to service workload which leads to much more cost saving.


With Autostopping, lightwing provides an intelligent proxy server which intercepts traffic flowing to the resources and makes them available when there is a need. This proxy server is managed by lightwing and it takes only couple of minutes to set it up.

Autostopping supports two types of gateway servers.

Instance based gateway

Instance based gateway controls traffic going to a single EC2 instance. This is useful when there is only one instance where the entire services are running.

Read more to configure instance based gateway

Load balanced gateway

Load balanced gateway can be used when services has a load balancer and a cluster of machines serving the traffic. Load balancer can be managed services like ELB or any custom load balancer.

Read more to configure load balanced gateway